Ashton Rae Wild

Galactic Ambassador, Multidimensional Intuitive, & Cosmic Shaman

I provide a safe, loving space for you to heal and explore the deepest parts of yourself!

Let Me Introduce Myself. . .

I am Ashton Rae Wild. . .

     A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes,

         Illuminating the power of transformation.

I am Ashton. . .

     A Decoder of Patterns,

          A Creator of Art,

               A Translator of Systems,

                    A Channel of Genius.


I am Rae. . .

     A Reflector of Light,

          A Resonator of Sound,

               An Interpreter of Vibration,

                    An Illuminator in the Dark.


I am Wild. . .

     A Transformation Alchemist,

          A Multidimensional Psychic,

               A Medical Intuitive,

                    A Galactic Ambassador.


I am Ashton. . .

                  Rae. . .

                      Wild. . .

                          The Wild One!

Ashton Photo Shoot #18

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"I’ve been working with Ashton over several years for help in navigating my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Through Ashton’s input, guidance, and ability to hold space for self-reflection and exploration, I’ve received courage and comfort; new perspectives on my thoughts, feelings, and experiences; and always, always new information. In both the mundane and metaphysical realms, Ashton has been an invaluable guide and support through challenges, shifts, growth, and transformations by facilitating a closer relationship with my higher self and illuminating what I don’t, can’t, or won’t see. Ashton’s vision and ability to act with focus and intention to observe, make changes in, and retrieve information from metaphysical spaces familiar and new is exceptional."


Maija M. Olympia, Washington USA 

"With how heavy and stressful the World has felt lately, I knew I needed other resources to help with coping. My anxiety was at an all time high, and then there was the emotional lows, and it all has been severely affecting my sleep. I felt so thankful to have been led to working with Ashton Rae and their multitude of experience and exponential multidimensional gifts. Ashton was able to help give me guidance and enlightenment moving through this chaotic time in my life. Ashton provided amazing insight, peacefulness, and professionalism throughout the entire session, and even though it was through ZOOM, I felt just as close as if we were in person. After the session, I immediately felt more grounded and clearer minded, and it was just the first visit. I am so looking forward to the next visit! I highly recommend Ashton for personal growth and transformation of any kind."

A. Woods    Olympia, Washington USA


"Ashton has literally been a life saver. She’s been treating my 2 dogs for nearly their whole lives. Western vet medicine had failed the older one who is now 14. After seeing Ashton for regular sessions, we no longer had the all-too-frequent emergency vet visits. Since then we’ve worked on an as-needed basis. At first, my partner was skeptical, but now suggests when it’s time for an Ashton visit. I know my dogs’ lives, and mine, are much improved for having Ashton’s care."

Miriam D "Doggy Mama" Olympia, Washington USA


Ashton Rae Wild is an exceptionally unique and talented healer with a diverse set of skills; including experience as a chiropractic doctor. Ashton utilizes rich perception and intuitive healing insight as a creative facilitator who courageously walks through the unknown with a client. Every session with Ashton is an extraordinary experience as we transcend space and time and meet in a healing vortex which always leaves me with a new understanding about myself which I wasn’t able to find on my own. Ashton’s insights have brought me great clarity which has illuminated and coursed my personal healing. Our community is fortunate to have an experienced and authentic healer with such unique gifts!    

Annette McQueen
Olympia, Washington USA


"Having a reading and healing from Ashton Ray Wild was a delightful & insightful experience for me.  Using her unique psychic gifts - her sharing from Spirit included images, sounds, songs, and messages from Guides & Angels - all delivered with crystal clear clarity! I highly recommend receiving work from Ashton Rae Wild."
 ~Angela Picardo

Life is but the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the Union of Spirit & Body.

D.D. Palmer, DC

Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.

Bessel van der Kolk, MD