Future Self Invocation

Let Ashton Rae Wild guide you through the process of connecting with your future self!

We often have this great vision of the future, but we don’t know how to bring it into the present. This simple, but powerful process will help connect you with your Future Self, the part of you who has been here before!

Who better to ask than you?

When we’re wondering what to do next, we often go to teachers, people who have wisdom and experience. Your Future Self has ALL of the wisdom and experience that you need right now, to get you to your next level.

Connect to your Future Self

Why should you connect with your future self?

  • Receive Guidance to live your best life
  • Bring the future into the now
  • Feel more empowered
  • Feel more whole and connected with yourself
  • Access a new relationship with time

Start embodying your future.

It’s calling you.


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