Ashton Rae Wild is a real gift to humanity and the planet at this time. They are compassionate, caring and deeply spiritual. Asthon’s nuanced understanding of the physical body AND the etheric realms sets them apart. Ashton consistently astounds me with the amazing information they are able to channel from spirit. They can see into past lives and feel into what your soul and body most need in the moment.

In my first session with Ashton I brought up that I’d been having night terrors for over 10 years.  I saw different practitioners who said to just call in protection before I went to sleep. After 10 years of difficult sleep and terrifying dreams, ONE session with Ashton took all of it away!! Ashton cleared an entity that was preying upon me in my dreams. I sleep soundly now, after 10 YEARS of struggling every night!!

When you work with Ashton you get a professional, but more than that – you get a friend – who is willing to lovingly hold you in a space where your body is seen as sacred and divine.

Another time, when I was upset, Ashton tuned into my energy system, and said something happened when I was nine years old that was coming up to be released. I scanned through memories of myself at that age and found something I had repressed for decades! Ashton’s psychic gifts helped me get to the root, and move through a painful pattern I had not seen after YEARS of personal work. To me, Ashton’s signature talent is the ability to see things that no one else does – so prepare to have your mind blown!

When you’re working with Ashton, you’re getting someone with extraordinary powers of perception and a nuanced, doctorate level of understanding of the human body. The combination of psychic abilities, galactic shamanism and profound knowledge of the physical form, make Ashton the perfect person to see for whatever you’re going through! Working with Ashton is nothing short of life changing – I am SO incredibly grateful for the time we spent together.

Elizabeth Bercovici
New Jersey, USA